Orphanage for musical instruments

If your guitar, saxo, trumpet, percussion, etc, looks you with languid eyes because there is a lot of time that you no longer touch them, if you bought a new instrument and the old has to bear in a corner and full of jealousies how you no longer stroke it, if you don’t longer have an accommodated place to lodge it in your house and saved it in the loft or remains hanged in the wall, ignored, sad and full of dust… Give them a better life.
In the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela a lot of artists like you can still give them the heat and the affection that them deserve doing them to sound. They will feel active, useful and grateful.
Don’t retire them and don’t leave them to die of sadness. There’s still a second opportunity for them
Oh, and if your mother no longer knows where to put in the living room this amplifier that some day was a treasure for you, give it. to us, we’ll also receive it. We are interested in any device capable to play music by some side.
The Canal Campus Lab, dependent of the Culture Area, in its vocation to give opportunities to artists of the USC university community, manages inside the Fonoteca two spaces with equipment to contribute to the networking and encourage the musical careers.
Be sure that here your old instrument will have another life in hands of sensitive people that will love it, that will take care it and that will do it sound day after day.
In this world of driven mad consumption the things that age are substituted without mercy, in Canal Campus Lab don’t want to go in in this game and to this object we launch this exasperated cry of rationality and ecology against of the waste, for this instrument that begins to disturb or has some functional disability that does not allow him shine as before. Why change to something new if we still can do useful a senior before his definite retirement?
Bring it to us here, we adopt it with great satisfaction in the Orphanage of Musical Instruments,

To close the adoption contact with the team of Canal Campus Lab:

E-mail: info@canalcampus.es

Subject: Orphanage of Musical Instruments

In the body of the message copy this text and fulfill the data:

Name of the current tutor of the instrument:
Instrument/s that you want that we adopt:
Condition of the instrument: