Outside Network University (ONU)

New and dynamic initiative for students away from home

cartelONUVinglesUnder the coordination of USC’s own interdisciplinary CANAL CAMPUS team, the [USC Fonotec@] sets out to boost and support talent, creativity and music interaction among students of all nationalities away from home on a ERASMUS/SENECA/ISEP grant who play a music instrument and/or sing and being away from home haven’t found the right place to exercise their abilities.

The ONU (Outside Network University) project is a new (multi-cultural) initiative hosted by the [USC Fonotec@] that aims to enable the connection among students of different countries staying at the USC as part of a mobility program that would like to get together and just play and/or form music bands of any style.
The [USC Fonotec@] offers you at no cost a place to rehearse and, who knows, if yours is deemed a valuable artistic effort CANAL CAMPUS may even get involved in helping out to promote and get the word out about your work.
If you regret the image of your instrument gathering dust hanging on the wall of your room (or would simply like to expand your opportunities to perform), think no more and sign up at info@canalcampus.es so we can call you up for a meeting in which you’ll have the chance to chat with like-minded performers who show interest in this offering. It makes no difference if you already have a band or you are on your own, this reunion will most likely provide everybody a chance to find cool new partners. If you know someone else who might be interested, don’t keep this information to yourself and please spread the message… We intend to make this an unforgettable experience! (Let’s kick some ass!) (We’re gonna rock this town, rock it inside out!)

To participate, send an e-mail to: info@canalcampus.es

with the following iinformation:
Body: Name, Faculty where you study and Instrument you play.
We will contact you